The Best Summer Travel Advice

Some of the best summer travel advice comes to you from trusted experts. We scoured the internet to find those expert opinions and advice when it comes to find for the summer. Summer travel can often be grueling and stressful. Flights are usually really high in the summer and we’ve found ways you can get them for up to 70% off the retail price. We can help you make it more easy when you check out all of our amazing information on summer travel below.


How To Book The Best Flights

When it comes to booking the best airfare you need to be flexible. You're not going to get a great deal in the middle of the summer because everyone else wants to take a vacation too. For instance if everyone wants to leave the Wednesday before the 4th of July and return the Monday morning after, Airlines will have no reason to give you a deal whatsoever. That goes for every single holiday, like Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Most major cities have multiple airports, so if you move your plans up a day or two you can save often up to 50% off of the airfare.


Booking Airlines With Perks

When you book Airlines with perks you are simply going to get a good deal. When it comes to avoid things like paying for baggage, they are low fare carriers that you want to book. For instance, some carriers can often charge up to $100 just to bring a carry-on bag with you. To avoid extra baggage fees you should definitely book on airlines like Southwest. Southwest Airline actually offers you up to two checked bags for free. Their airfares are normally pretty cheap to begin with, and you can save up to $120 just by checking 2 bags on each trip you go on! If you click the link above you can also get up to 70% off of your Southwest flight with coupon codes and discount codes.


How To Make Your Flight Smooth

When it comes to making your flight the most smoothest flight possible, you should definitely be extremely nice to the flight attendants. Flight attendants can make or break your trip. Being rude to them and giving them attitude when they ask you to do certain things is honestly a way to have a really bad travel day. Sometimes they are honestly just looking to kick people off of various flights, while sad it happens. If they ask you to do something that you think is unreasonable like putting your dog on an overhead compartment or give up your seat when you have a ticket for that seat, you should definitely ask to speak to one of their colleagues or the pilot just to make sure. we find if you smile when you were doing this all will be okay. Just be sure to listen to what they have to say and hear them out before you get upset.